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By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Dec 4, 2009 7:40PM


Light FM originated in Chicago but it's been a long time since they last visited, so we've had to make do with their albums and EPs. Their latest full-length, Let There Be Light FM, was released earlier this year and while it's been on pretty constant rotation on ye olde tankPOD, we just never got around to writing about it. Josiah Mazzaschi continues to craft a blend of big '90s guitar rock propelling lyrics that dance around familiar themes of love, loss and friendship in disturbing ways. His vocal delivery is so sweet though, one finds themselves doing a double take most of the time. We have yet to hear someone make despair at a friend's suicide sound so catchy.

RCRD LBL has posted "Friends Aren't Friends," the catchiest track off their recent release and a tune that has made it into more than a few of our own DJ sets, and we suggest you get your butts over there and download it post haste!

DOWNLOAD: Light FM "Friends Aren't Friends"