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Ebert Tackles Streaming Movies And Superhero Sex

By Rob Christopher in Arts & Entertainment on Jan 6, 2010 5:00PM

Netflix Roku plyer image via Slashgear
At the beginning of each year cinephiles always like to try and predict what the new year will bring. And not just Oscar-related stuff either. Partially due to the mega-success of Avatar, people seem even more technology-obsessed than usual. Just a few days ago we learned that 3-D television from the likes of ESPN is less than a year away.

Over at Slate's Movie Club Roger Ebert has posted some thoughts on the future of movies and, as always, they're worth reading. Among other things he observes

A revolution in online streaming has taken place, and movie fans are ahead of critics on this one. The way to watch Netflix or any other high-bandwidth streaming source is on television. And by television I mean the biggest screen you've got. Yes, even a wall screen with an overhead projector. If you have cable or satellite, Netflix delivers a picture of HD quality, and for a few bucks more a month, of true Blu-ray quality. Its buffering software ensures no interruptions of the flow ... I'm not shilling for Netflix. I'm observing that the crisis of indie and foreign distribution is being sidestepped. Yet to be seen is how the makers of these films will make any money—and, to their intense interest, how studios will make money with mainstream titles. Everyone knows that the best way to see a movie is in a theater. But the fact remains that many of the films we discuss haven't played in most cities and some states.

He also writes about the anxiety he experienced during Watchmen; specifically, the Malin Akerman/Patrick Wilson sex scenes: "... it always alarms me when two superheroes have sex, because I'm afraid someone will get hurt, and ... I would conclude it is impossible for Jake and Neytiri to reproduce, sharing (as they presumably do) no genes at all, it's a good question who would do what, and with which, and to whom."