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City's Handgun Ban Set For SCOTUS

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Mar 1, 2010 10:00PM

As we mentioned last week, the City of Chicago's handgun ban is set to be argued to the Supreme Court of the United States - McDonald v. City of Chicago. Arguments are scheduled to be heard tomorrow and Mayor Daley continues campaigning in support of the 28-year-old ban. Said the Mayor, "We've turned our backs on common sense gun laws in America and we continuously, unfortunately, continue shooting each other on a daily basis. This is one issue where Americans must come together in regards to common sense gun laws. You would think there would be a wake-up call in America. But we're silent. We're not doing anything." The city of Oak Park, who has a similar ban, is included in the case with Chicago. A similar handgun ban for Washington, D.C. was overturned two years ago but D.C. falls under federal jurisdiction.

Chicago, like other cities with bans, falls under the jurisdiction of state government, and arguments Tuesday will focus on whether the handgun ban ruling should extend to other states and municipalities.

Many legal experts say Chicago is fighting an uphill battle. The nation’s top court has typically determined that the Bill of Rights applies to states and municipalities — not just the federal government. A decision is expected in June.

And the Trib points out that even if the SCOTUS eventually overturns the ban, that likely won't be the end of the handgun case, as D.C. officials then implemented tougher gun restrictions and training requirements.

WBEZ's 848 took a look at the history of the City's ban, definitely worth a read/listen.