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Farrakhan Foretells "White Right" Conspiracy Against Obama

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Mar 1, 2010 3:40PM

Speaking to a crowd of 20,000 followers at the United Center yesterday, Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan warned of a "white right" conspiracy against President Obama. The event, commemorating Saviours' Day, featured a four-hour speech from Farrakhan in which he predicted trouble for President Obama. Farrakhan, who claims he can foretell certain events ("The word 'prophet' is too cheap a word. I am a light in the midst of darkness."), warned President Obama of a conspiracy against him from conservatives. From the Associated Press:

The 76-year-old leader said the "white right" was conspiring to make Obama a one-term president, and pointed to his stalled efforts to introduce health care legislation as proof. He said those opponents and lobbyists were trapping him into a future war with Iran that could lead to mass destruction.

Farrakhan also warned of assassination plots against Obama - "The white right is trying to set Barack up to be assassinated...There are Christians praying for God to kill Obama." - and claimed some of Obama's troubles were due to rebuking the Jewish lobby, saying, "The Zionists are in control of the Congress." Farrakhan also called on Obama to help blacks and asked him to reach out to Nation of Islam leaders: "Your people are suffering. You can't ease their plight, but you can use your bully pulpit. Speak for the poor. Speak for the weak...Put some money on back of us. We can reform our people."

When he wasn't foretelling doom for Obama, Farrkhan was warning the entire nation of its imminent destruction, referring to this weekend's earthquake in Chile:

"It's not an accident that a great earthquake took place in Chile. It (precipitated) what I have to tell you today of what's coming to America. You will not escape...I will speak to the kings and rulers of the world. I will speak to the pope and the religious leaders because you have to know that your time has come. I desire to guide you and warn you of things that are coming that you must try to prepare yourselves for because we are absolutely living in the change of worlds."

Obama has distanced himself from Farrakhan and his controversial statements, actions that Farrakhan says was the result of manipulations by others.