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Celebrity Apprentice: The Five Dumbest Things Rod Blagojevich Said, Week 3

By Marcus Gilmer in Miscellaneous on Mar 29, 2010 2:20PM

celebrity_apprentice_rod_blagojevich_week3.jpg Former governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich is stretching his 15 minutes of infamy with an appearance on Celebrity Apprentice. Throughout his run, we'll be tracking the dumbest things our former governor spouts on national television.

In this week's episode, the celebrities had to create a four-page advertorial for identity theft prevention software. This led to many things including Blago pissing off Darryl Strawberry for his continued pandering to the citizens of New York City, revealing he can't use a computer, and making the worst analogy we've ever heard. Olympian - and this week's project manager - Michael Johnson said, with more than a hint of disbelief, of Rod: "It's difficult trying to find a task for him and try to find something for him to do because there's not much that he can do. And there's got to be something there because he got to be governor of Illinois. You don't just fall up there." Johnson called Rod the team's weakest link and once again Rod was selected to face the firing squad. But, once again, Blago dodged a bullet - Darryl was sent packing by request - and lived to apprentice another week.

  • On being congratulated after surviving last week's firing round: "Oh, thanks, well believe me, I've been fired before."
  • On project manager Michael Johnson's quick decision to select Curtis Stone as the spokesman for the project: "I think we're making some of the same mistakes we made on the last project, which is we're prematurely ejaculating. We need more foreplay."
  • To Curtis, regarding a computer: "Do you know how to turn this on?"
  • On not knowing how to work a computer: "There's a whole bunch of technology that's passed me by. It's one of those things when you're governor and you have nearly 60,000 people working for you, they pretty much research for you. Before that I was a congressman, and I never had to learn it. I don't think my team knows quite what to make of me yet. I think there's always a learning curve in every endeavor, in every step in life."
  • To passerby on the streets: "Thank you, I appreciate it. I did nothing wrong, either."