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Feds File "Road Map" Against Blago Under Seal

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Apr 6, 2010 3:20PM

celebrity_apprentice_rod_blagojevich_harry_potter_1.jpg Federal prosecutors filed a new document in the case against ex-governor Blagojevich and have asked that it be kept under seal as it contains new evidence against the governor that hasn't yet been revealed to the general public. The filing, the Government’s Evidentiary Proffer Supporting the Admissibility of Co-Conspirator Statements (aka the “Government’s Proffer”), claims it "describes in significant detail the evidence that supports certain of the criminal charges against defendants Rod Blagojevich and Robert Blagojevich." But the document also claims it has some brand spanking new evidence that it doesn't want to taint a jury pool with before the judge and defense get a crack at examining it (the process of qualifying jurors has already begun). Do the feds have some sort of ace up their sleeve with this alleged new evidence? And can it taint the jury pool any worse than Blago's stint on the Celebrity Apprentice? We won't likely know anything about the evidence until just before the trial kicks off June 3.