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UPDATED: "Twirling Guy/Fashion Man/That Guy in the Colored Suit" Arrested?

By Karl Klockars in News on Apr 12, 2010 6:20PM

We can't imagine this to be anything other than a misunderstanding, because if it's for real, it's almost too weird to be imagined. The man best described as "that guy with the crazy suits who shows up on local news exterior live shots," also known as Vincent Falk, was reportedly arrested for threatening one of the street-level TV news studios he regularly haunts.

According to Robert Feder, Falk was arrested last week "in connection with bomb threats at ABC-owned WLS-Channel 7." After following up with the CPD news affairs office, officers did not request felony charges for the former programmer and computer analyst, and misdemeanor charges weren't approved of either. We've reached out to Falk for further comment or any explanation regarding these allegations but haven't yet received a response. Either way, it's just...odd.

Falk's biography film "Vincent: A Life In Color" screens at Ebertfest soon and runs at the Gene Siskel Film Center. Since the blurb on the Siskel site describes Falk as "a genius of self-promotion," you wouldn't be too cynical to think these events are connected. On the other hand, maybe someone simply saw some of the jokes Falk regularly tweets about get the idea.

UPDATE: Falk replied to us via email to clarify the situation. "I was detained (mistakenly) by the police last Friday, and taken to the station at 18 and State St. But, I was released without charges, and the detectives even were nice enough to give me a can of "sodi pop", and then they drove me back home."