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C2E2 Summons Thousands of Wizards, Mages, Jokers and Batmans

By Jake Guidry in Arts & Entertainment on Apr 20, 2010 6:00PM

Last Sunday McCormick Place wrapped up hosting C2E2, the three-day expo dedicated to comics, entertainment and other such variants of pop culture. We took to the show floor Saturday to snoop around the booths and sit in on a couple of interesting panels. But most of all, we wanted to gawk at the sights littered throughout. It surely did not disappoint. Thousands showed up to the event to discuss, debate, buy and look at all things comic, and McCormick Place brought a melting pot of fantasy to life.

C2E2 offered a little bit of everything: toys, DeLoreans, lingerie, samurai swords, Tony Stark's wardrobe, and just a ton more. We walked for quite a while taking in all the sights and sounds and were impressed at the immensely positive vibe ringing throughout. One thing that is quite evident about the comics community is that it is very passionate and very collaborative. All fans are friends no matter what it is they like. It's just about the comics. We've been to enough festivals in the past to know that this sort of atmosphere is one to be cherished.

While the most notable "Comic-Con" is held in San Diego, the people at C2E2 did an admirable job in bringing in a wealth of guests and exhibitors. The big guns were there--Marvel, DC, Vertigo, Top Cow, Dark Horse--but so were the little guys, including local shops like Quimby's and Belmont Comics. There were over 170 panels, ranging from things like Chicago transit art, to a discussion with Lance Briggs, to literacy in the classroom. All in all, C2E2 was as much about the corporate side of comics as much as it was about continuing the progress of the medium. There was a clear message from C2E2 that comics are more than just throw away entertainment, but rather a significant form of art that needs to be recognized as such. And of course that dressing up isn't just for Halloween.