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ISRA to Daley: Take a Vacation

By Prescott Carlson in News on Apr 28, 2010 8:40PM

2010_04_28_isra.png Who knew the folks at the Illinois State Rifle Association were such smart-asses? A week after mocking Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis for "bragging" that Chicago "has more gangs and more guns than any other major city," the ISRA has turned their sights on Mayor Daley. Concerned for his mental well-being, they issued this statement in a press release today:

The ISRA is well aware that Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is under a lot of stress these days. Soaring crime, the sinking economy, and thinly-veiled suggestions from Rahm Emanuel that it's time to step aside certainly create a recipe for high anxiety. The toll being taken on the Daley's sensibilities evidenced itself earlier this week when the mayor recommended that the World Court take up his petition to shut down law-abiding U.S. firearm retailers.

Their solution for Daley's stress levels? Take a little vacation. ISRA Executive Director Richard Pearson said:

"Maybe Mayor Daley needs to take a little time off. A little R&R would probably do him some good. He could take a little time to read up on the Revolutionary War. Maybe take a civics class over at Daley College."

But then Pearson put the snark aside, chiding Daley about Chicago's continued gun control efforts saying that Daley is "totally out of line by trying to sidestep the intent and authority of our [Founding Fathers] just because he hasn't gotten his way here at home." The ISRA has been extremely vocal in regards to Chicago's gun ban, even holding a "Second Amendment Freedom Rally" in front of the Thompson Center last June.