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Sharon Osbourne Continues Bashing Blago

By Karl Klockars in News on Apr 28, 2010 9:20PM

celebrity_apprentice_rod_blagojevich_harry_potter_1.jpg Being married to the Prince Of Darkness himself, Sharon Osbourne certainly knows a thing or two about insanity. So when Mrs. Of Darkness went on Ellen a few weeks ago and calls former Governor Blagojevich "absolutely crazy...completely self-obsessed [and] insane" she's got some serious precedent. In fact, she's not saying anything that hasn't already been basically covered by Da Mare.

She reiterated those beliefs yesterday before auditioning "America's Got Talent" contestants at the Chicago Theater. The Tribune quotes her as also calling him "half-baked" and wondering aloud, "you think to yourself, ‘How could he be the Governor of Illinois?’" To be fair, Sharon, we really didn't like George Ryan. That, and even the "insane" can raise a ton of cash in this state, which is really all it takes. Want evidence of said half-bakery? Remind yourself with our beloved "Five Dumbest Things Blagojevich Said" series: Episode 1: He's a Bad Waiter! Episode 3: He Can't Type! Episode 4: Fired!