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To Tase Or Not To Tase

By Soyoung Kwak in Miscellaneous on May 8, 2010 5:00PM

Who could forget the Taser heard all around the world? After the University of Florida tasering incident, the world of tasering has never been the same, and now it has encroached upon the glorious world of sports. During the eighth inning of the Phillies-Cardinals game on May 3, a teenager hopped over a fence and came onto the playing field. The boy, who had apparently called and asked his father for permission in vain before running onto the field, was tasered by police and arrested thereafter.

In stark contrast with how the Philadelphia Phillies' security handled a similar situation earlier this week, six security guards at U.S. Cellular Field did not taser a teenage fan who got onto the field during the sixth inning of the White Sox-Blue Jays game Thursday night. The absence of using a taser might not seem to be a huge deal, but considering that Kansas City Royals first base coach Tom Gamboa was attacked by a father-son duo during a game at U.S. Cellular Field in 2002, the security guards at the White Sox game on Thursday showed that it is possible to be in control of these situations by using smart manpower, not by machines. Regarding the fan who was tasered in Philadelphia, Cardinals Pitcher Adam Wainwright told reporters that tasering fans was permissable: "If you don't want to get Tased, don't go on the field. There's absolutely nothing wrong with getting Tased if you're on the field." Even the game of golf agrees and isn't afraid to use tasers.