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The Science Of Obscurity Has Vague Ties to Science

By Betsy Mikel in Arts & Entertainment on May 18, 2010 4:40PM

The Science of Obscurity will take place July 10.
Would you like to share your published or in-progress work of fiction, poetry, non-fiction or art book with the world? You’re in luck. Chicago Underground Library (CUL) is accepting submissions now for an event in July that will let you do just that. The Science of Obscurity is an opportunity for writers of all sorts to showcase their work science-fair style. So if you can think of a way to repurpose your work using a diorama, poster or tri-fold board, CUL wants to hear from you. They welcome baking soda volcanoes and colorful graphs, even if your book or zine has nothing to do with baking soda, volcanoes or graphs.

From what we know about CUL, nothing is too weird or obscure. If it’s something you wrote, drew, or produced, it’s worthy. Last year, there was an exhibit titled “Junk Drawer,” in which zine author Eric Bartholomew sorted through his junk drawer and tried to sort out where it all came from. There was also this, which must have some sort of logical explanation. For further inspiration as to what you could present at The Science of Obscurity, we quote from the event’s facebook page:

  • Plot the effects that prolonged exposure to an audio recording of your poetry has on cattle grazing patterns over a six month period.
  • Place a page of your manuscript in three different kinds of potting soil: plain (control), loved (variable 1), and unloved (variable 2).
  • Design the ideal underwater adventure suit for your novel's hero, whether or not your novel at any point occurs underwater.
Although space is limited, they’ll squeeze as many exhibits in as they possibly can. They’re accepting submissions (a few sentences explaining your idea are fine) through June 1 via

Or, perhaps you're not proud enough of your work to display it. Maybe you are actually quite bitter that it didn’t turn out as you hoped. Or maybe you harbor aggression towards a certain publication. Then you can participate in the trebuchet book launch. CUL will provide the trebuchet. You provide the zine, magazine, chapbook or textbook. Read a paragraph, then launch it into space!

The Science of Obscurity, Chicago Underground Library's Science Fair + Book Launch, Jupiter Outpost, 1139 W Fulton Market, July 10, 7 p.m. - 10 p.m., BYOB