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Blago's Own Lawyer: "He's a Celebrity Idiot"

By Karl Klockars in Arts & Entertainment on May 19, 2010 5:20PM

Oh, we're looking forward to this. Based on a short tease published on Chicago Magazine's website, writer Bryan Smith will be bringing us the tale of the "Mighty Mouth" Sam Adam Jr., also known as Rod Blagojevich's main legal counsel (for now). In the June issue, Adam reveals that the legal defense for Blago's rapidly-approaching trial basically consists of "Let this guy say as much crazy shit as he wants." We'll see how well that plays out when we find out how much other crazy shit is on those tapes that the ex-governor keeps saying he wants played.

If you think Blagojevich has been stupid for going on as many TV shows as he can get booked on and profess his innocence to anyone who'll listen, he might just be stupid like a fox. Adam says his plan is to prove that Blago just spouts off with whatever the hell comes into his damn-fool head, so anything he's said on those tapes is equally as stupid and un-thought-out. Therefore he can't be guilty of anything. You know, since being stupid isn't a crime -yet - nor is surrounding yourself with sycophants that also happen to be criminals.

Yes, his client is a "'celebrity idiot, but he IS a celebrity," Adam said. “That has a purpose to it, and the purpose is to get out here and yell, 'I didn't do it.'" Considering the awesomeness of this statement, we've decided to immortalize it in song. Complete with terrible singing, hurried production and laughable video editing, we present to you: "Celebrity Idiot."