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Blago: Cool As A (Kickball) Cucumber

By Marcus Gilmer in Miscellaneous on Jun 3, 2010 1:50AM

The night before a big event - be it job interview, a wedding, or, say, a federal corruption trial - we know one way to get rid of a case of nerves is a run. And that's exactly what former governor Rod Blagojevich was thinking earlier this evening as he went jogging across Winnemac Park. But on his sojourn, he encountered a kickball league in a break between games. The participants hollered at Blago to come back and try a kick and take a picture. Never one to say no to a camera, he obliged. But how did he do kicking? We'll never know: just as the ball approached home plate, he took off, still jogging jogging jogging towards freedom, proclaiming he had to get home for "very important appointments" (we assume to watch the Blackhawks game).