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Elmhurst, Illinois: Home of the PermaBoner

By Karl Klockars in News on Jun 3, 2010 6:40PM

It sounds like something that just barely squeaks past your work's Websense filter, but Online MBA has kindly assembled The Stats on Internet Pornography, and it includes a little tidbit of info that proves for once and for all that the residents of one of the western suburbs are indeed some of the horniest, porn-iest people in the world. No, that's not hyperbole.

Buried beneath water-cooler content like the least popular day to view porn online (Thanksgiving), and how many porn searches make up the total search number (a full 25%) is this fact: Elmhurst is the #1 city in the whole world to search for "sex," "xxx" and "porn." Beneath that statistic and not shown in the infographic is the detail that it's not just a search for all three combined. When you go deeper into the 2006 study, found here at TopTenReviews, it shows that the city is first in class for each individual term. They towered over cities like Stockton, CA, Meriden, CT, and Oklahoma City, OK.

Honestly, it seems like something is fishy here. I mean, Elmhurst? Really? Over, say, New York or Tokyo or Mexico City or something? Is there some sort of centralized porn-hunting hub somewhere in town? Either Elmhurst residents are terribly enthusiastic about finding their porn online or some guy has been really, really busy. Regardless, the idea of western-suburbanites frantically searching for naughty photos on the interwebs is entertaining enough for us to gloss over anything silly like "reality."

[h/t to the Daily What & our friends at Schad]