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And, Another Beer List To Debate.

By Karl Klockars in Food on Jun 16, 2010 8:40PM

Half Acre Beer Company via arrogant.
Since we know that Chicagoans take their beer seriously and, well, why the hell not argue about it a little more, All About Beer has released an article about the 150 best places to drink a beer. A half-dozen or so Chicago joints show up on the rundown and since it sparked a bit of argument around the Chicagoist offices, we thought we'd open the floor to the Peanut Gallery and get your take as well.

The list comes from a special Beer Traveler issue of AAB and comes out of a former list called "125 Places to Have a Beer Before You Die." It's a good day for Piece - earlier today we saw that Chicago Magazine deemed their plain pizza with artichoke hearts the 2nd best pizza in the city and they're also #65 of the AAB selections. Bucket-listers who take their cues from these can kill two birds with one stone and make Rick Nielsen a happy(-er) man indeed.

After the jump, the other Chicago bars that made their list, followed by some of the places that made ours. This time, John Barleycorn thankfully didn't make the cut.

Their List:

9. The Hopleaf, Chicago, IL
52. Clark Street Ale House, Chicago, IL
65. Piece Brewery, Chicago, IL
87. Delilah's, Chicago, Illinois
94. The Map Room, Chicago, IL
120. Goose Island Brewing, Chicago, IL

Our List:

Aaron Cynic: "I think there's a difference between "places to have a beer before you die," and "I want to have a beer quietly." The majority of these lists mostly consider places that are busy and teeming with really fun, outgoing gadabouts. No offense, but those aren't the folks or places I want to be around when I feel like hopping on a stool and sitting a spell...
If I had to make a short list of places I dig when I want to be a cranky old man, here's what I'd say (mind you, these should all be followed by the words "on an off night"): Skylark, Kasey's (on Harrison and Dearborn), Christina's (how can you go wrong with $2 Guinness?), whatever that wine bar on Taylor and Loomis is (across the street from Francesca's), Hungry Brain and that one joint in BPort on Morgan and 31st street."

Ben Schuman-Stoler: "The best place to get a beer is some grocery store. Take said beer, go to a beach or a porch or a basement or an attic or whatever. Open said beer along with people who's conversation and company you care about. Drink said beer.

Chuck Sudo: "Quencher's does have a better selection, but Delilah's beer selection, while not as broad as their bourbons, is still impressive. [Of] course, I have a few places to have a beer: Ten Cat, especially in summer. Their beer garden is one of the best kept secrets in the city. Bernice's Tavern in Bridgeport, before a Sox game. Best selection of Lithuanian and Polish beers in the city. Plus, Malort and Starka (spiced Lithuanian vodka) for the pros. The rooftop at Twisted Spoke & Woodlawn Tap in Hyde Park."

Rob Christopher: "I've always been fond of going to The Duke of Perth and having a cool pint of Belhaven. Accompanied by fish & chips of course."

Lindsey Miller: "I like the Charleston. It has a respectable beer selection and it's usually quiet enough to talk."

Tankboy: "Mine is split between The Burlington, because there's nothing better than sipping a cold pint of the house draft early on a hot summer evening; and The Corner - the Bucktown Bar literally around the corner from my house -- because the clientele and staff are awesome, the beer is SUPER cheap, and it's the best neighborhood bar in the whole wide world. Well at least the best neighborhood bar in my neighborhood."

Laura M. Browning: "Perfect place to have a beer? A back porch/back yard. Also, I've only been once, but The Fountainhead at Montrose/Damen is pretty excellent."

Jon Graef: "I was just about to give a shout-out to Fountainhead. It's kind of a "Hopleaf, Jr.", but they have a really good selection and solid food. Good choice!"

Alexander Hough: "Favorite places to have a beer: Rite Liquors or Zakopane. It helps me keep perspective. At Zakopane I once saw a guy put "Don't Let Me Down" on the juke box six times in a row."

Karl Klockars: "There's a lot to list but suffice to say that backyards, porches, rooftops and beaches all have a special place in my heart - and despite my White Sox fandom I still believe that three of the sweetest words a person can holler are "Old Style here!" while at Wrigley on a hot summer's day. Then you can leave and head over to the Gingerman."

Kevin Robinson: "And where's Bennigan's on this list? They have over 100 beers from around the world! "