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Inherit the Windbag: The Blago Tapes, Raw

By Karl Klockars in News on Jul 9, 2010 7:00PM

Despite the fact that the Justice department has been doing a bang-up job posting wiretap audio and transcriptions of said wiretaps after every day's court proceedings, it's safe to say that most of us get our multimedia news on the trial through TV and radio news. Unfortunately, those fuddy-duddy nancypants over at the FCC frown on the use of the words "fuck" and "shit" and "motherfucker" over the public airwaves. You may have noticed that the interwebs don't suffer from the same restrictions.

Since it takes time to poke through every last day's worth of evidence and not all of us have the means to do the legwork, we've taken it upon ourselves to do our civic duty and take care of some of the heavy lifting for you. You might not know it if you've only heard the bleeped-out Blago over the past few weeks, but the raw audio of profanity isn't only good for a laugh - you can truly hear the greed dripping from our former Governor's lips when he talks about having this thing that's fucking golden. Obviously, this is NSFW:

After the jump, a couple more fine examples of what goes on behind the closed doors of Illinois "government." You'll hear the infamous Patti Blagojevich "Fuck the Cubs" tape unedited, and Rod's raw "shitty fucking shitty press" rant wherein he asks that magical smoking-gun question, "How do we take some of the financial pressure off of our family here?"

Also: We take requests! Further rants, presidential namecalling and general bad behavior can and will be wrangled up and presented to the freedom of the web. As the trial progresses, we'll try to bring you more raw material, the way it should be done.

Patti cusses out the Cubs and Sam Zell:

Rod Blagojevich: "I can't afford college for my daughter."