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Mix Drinks From Your Computer

By Anthony Todd in Food on Jul 9, 2010 3:20PM

Mixology.jpg If you are susceptible to addictive internet mini-games, and you have things to accomplish at work today, stop reading now.

All gone? Alright. We've been stuck playing "Mixology" for the last day and we didn't want to inflict it on anyone else.

Your boss says you can't mix up Pina Coladas at your desk? Playing this is the next best thing. Underneath, "Mixology" is a fairly standard matching type game, with a tropical overlay. Except, instead of trying to clear the board, as in Tetris, participants are trying to get ingredients for some drinks. Once you make the drink, the bar patron pays you (as much as $40, which doesn't seem that far-fetched in today's restaurant climate) and if you make enough money, you advance to the next level.

Our only gripe is that the game isn't educational enough. Use real drink recipes, and make the cocktails increasingly complicated - why don't 3 tequilas, 3 triple secs and 3 limes get you a margarita? We sense a HUGE branding opportunity for liquor companies - if they jump on board, we want royalties.