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Inherit the Windbag: More Blago Wiretaps, Raw

By Karl Klockars in News on Jul 14, 2010 7:00PM

The prosecution has rested their case in the federal corruption trial of Rod Blagojevich, and their presentation of the long-awaited wiretap audio has ended. We laughed, we cried, and we heard a lot of bleeped-out cussing on radio and on television. And since it takes a lot of time to poke through the Justice Department's excellent site and track down the appropriate audio, we thought we'd continue to show you the tapes the way you can't get them on broadcast media. You can find the first offering of uncut, purely profane audio here, and now we've worked our wizardry on a few more clips.

First, in the wake of his 13% job-approval rating, our ex-governor tells us all exactly what we can do with ourselves and where we can shove it:

Following the jump, the transcription of this video, followed by Governor Blagojevich telling Harry Reid and President Obama to do the exact same thing in no uncertain terms. Remember - all this is NSFW unless you're a longshoreman or work in a profanity factory.

BLAGOJEVICH: You know...fuck Bill Knapp and fucking Fred, and all these fucking consultants who I listened to at the expense of my fucking family. Okay? And then I, I started know, part of my vent was, "yeah, and what have I gotten for-? Oh, the people are gonna fucking be mad and the fucking newspapers are gonna rip me for this?" Okay?

"I fucking busted my ass and pissed people off and gave your grandmother a free fucking ride on a bus. Okay? I gave your fucking baby a chance to have health care. I fought every one of those assholes including every special interest out there, who can make my life easier and better, because they wanna raise taxes on you and I won't, I, I fight them and keep them from doing it. And what do I get for that? Only thirteen percent of you all out there think I'm doing a good job. So fuck all of you.

YANG: Bill wanted to know, for example governor and Bob, who our emissary is gonna be?

BLAGOJEVICH: Yeah I don't know yet. You know what? Maybe that fucking horses ass, Harry Reid ought to be the emissary. You know, fuck you Harry Reid and Menendez. You guys fucking do it.

YANG: What...

BLAGOJEVICH: Maybe they should be the ones.

YANG: What happened. Why, why ah, why not Rahm?

BLAGOJEVICH: I don't know. Let him call her. But Rahm, Rahm did, they want Jesse. They called, Rahm called Harris two weeks ago and said Obama, here's the four Obama would like. Jesse Jr., Hynes, Tammy Duckworth, and Jan Schakowsky.

YANG: Uh huh.

BLAGOJEVICH: Those are the four. And I gotta take 'em at their word. And if they think that's what they want, fine, we'll give you Jesse.

YANG: Alright.

GREENLEE: What do you...take 'em at their word? They gave you four, why not Tammy then?

BLAGOJEVICH: Yeah, get the fuck outta here Greenlee, I'll fucking fire you. She's got no fucking chance. I'm gonna fucking take hits in the black community for Durbin and fucking Harry Reid and Rahm, fuck them, and Axelrod.

GREENLEE: Yeah, I was just fucking with you.

BLAGOJEVICH: Look, I don't want, look it, I gotta tell ya, I don't wanna be governor for the next two years. I wanna get going.

I'll, I, this has been two shitty fucking years where I'm doing the best I can trying to get through a brick wall and find ways around stuff but it's like just screwing my family and time is passing me by and I'm stuck, it's no good. It's no good. I gotta get moving.

The whole world's passing me by and I'm stuck in this fucking job as governor now. Everybody's passing me by and I'm stuck.

KNAPP: Who's passing you by?

BLAGOJEVICH: Everybody. Everybody. I mean we're struggling financially. Okay, her business got dried up because the Tribune's been fucking writing about every one of her real estate clients.

You know I should've fuckin' looked the other way on the landfill and then my father-in-law would take care of us. I should've fucking done that. Incidentally he's making money on that thing against you know, in violation of state law.

I mean you guys are telling me I just gotta suck it up for two years and do nothing. Give this mother fucker, his senator. Fuck him. For nothing? Fuck him.