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PETA at Wrigley Field Today

By Kevin Robinson in Food on Jul 21, 2010 2:00PM

Today at noon, two activists from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will be handing out free Tofutti Cuties in front of Wrigley Field. Described as "delicious nondairy ice cream sandwiches," the free snacks will help Chicagoans cool off in the summer heat, even if the provocative, 1940's-inspired ice cream parlor outfits might heat a few spectators up. "We hope that these frozen treats will help folks who are feeling the heat in Chicago understand that it's never been easier to help prevent climate change and improve their health," PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said in a statement. "Choosing healthy and delicious vegan foods is good for the planet and your waistline and helps prevent the suffering of countless animals on factory farms."

Besides promoting frozen treats that eschew ingredients made from animal products, PETA is also trying to get the word out about factory farming's impact on the environment. According to the organization, "factory farming is the single largest source of both methane and nitrous oxide emissions, which play a significant role in climate change. The University of Chicago also reports that going vegan is 50 percent more effective in reducing greenhouse-gas emissions than switching to a hybrid car."

PETA is using the event to kick-off the availability of its vegetarian/vegan starter kit at Wrigley Field. The organization is making that kit available from stands in front of the legendary ballpark 24 hours a day.