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Sandwich Reinvented: What is Yours?

By L. Stolpman in Food on Jul 27, 2010 3:20PM


We love a good sandwich. You know why? Because sometimes we're lazy. Not so lazy that we're going to store cold cuts and bread slices full-time, but lazy enough that heating up leftovers makes us feel meh. This calls for reinventing last night's dinner in a way that makes us willing to overcome inertia.

After all, necessity is the mother of invention, right? If it weren't for not having lettuce, we wouldn't have realized how much easier long slices of cucumber are to manage on a sandwich or how much simpler it is to pile pea shoots on top. Cold chicken and grilled zucchini slices topped with a slice of cheese on a roll? Mmmm, leftover heaven. Above is how we used some leftover pork loin. Sliced thin pork loin resting on a thick slice of cheese atop a seeded roll (frozen from Trader Joe's) and piled high with some pea shoots we needed to use.

We want to know what your favorite sandwich (made in your own home!) is made from and even what it looks like. Tell us what you're putting between two slices of anything and calling a sandwich and link us to a picture, if you have it. We're determined to try a few of your favorites out.