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Jonas Brothers vs. Lollapalooza: Who Ruled Chicago This Weekend?

By JoshMogerman in Arts & Entertainment on Aug 8, 2010 7:00PM

Lollapalooza was not the only big show in Chicago this weekend. The Jonas Brothers tore into town, creating a frenzied mile-long queue to get into the First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre (you may know it as the Tweeter Center, or just Tinley Park) last night. Chances are, most Chicagoist readers do not fall into the Jonas Brothers’ fan demographic, but we thought it might be a good exercise to compare and contrast the two monster music event experiences.

While the kids have earned more than most of Lolla’s acts combined, we admit this is just not fair. More than a hundred bands, some of the biggest names in music, vs. the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato? But if we limit to headliners, it gets a bit more interesting, since this boils down to level of annoyance. For most of us out of their teens, the Jonas Brothers level of annoyingness is sky-high. But…maybe there is a reasonable debate here. Sure, we like Lady Gaga as much as anyone, but Marcus’ review of her Friday night show points to some real irritation. The Arcade Fire’s grandiose self-love is kinda frustrating too. Everyone agrees that Green Day played way too long last night and their core audience isn’t much older, or discerning, than the Jonas Brothers'.

Advantage = Lollapalooza. Just can’t argue with Phoenix!

Tweens, pre-teens, and screaming teenage girls vs. sweaty hipsters in bandanas and NBA jerseys (or, if you’ve swung VIP tickets, aging media and corporate players trying to look cool).

Advantage = Jonas Brothers. Lolla’s two-tiered system with fenced off cabanas for folks with connections or $800 to spend is disconcerting. Say what you want about the kiddies, but they are out for the music, there is no elitism at a Disney show. And of course, this doesn’t help---belt buckles?

Nobody ever sings the praises of that big barn out in Tinley Park. It is overpriced, impersonal, and has unappealing standard corporate venue food fare (Metromix lists their food options as “hotdogs.”) Lolla pulled out all the stops on the food front, entrusting Graham Elliot to pull together a diverse array of local offerings. And it’s quite the fine foodie list.

Advantage = Lolla. Sure, there’s no shade, but free water and a burger from Kuma’s in less than two hours? This one is easy.

So, unsurprisingly, Lollapalooza wins our unscientific survey, but this behind-the-scenes look at the Jonas Brothers tour might sway you the other way: