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The Drew Peterson Letters

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Aug 16, 2010 4:30PM

2010_01_19_Drew.jpg While he awaits his trial for the murder of third wife Kathleen Savio and the search for missing fourth wife Stacy continues, Drew Peterson has found himself with a lot of time on his hands. So he's channeling his time and energy to letter writing, specifically to Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed. The Sun-Times ran their first "installment" of the letters yesterday and the second installment today; the letters were received and edited thusly:

The letter from Peterson was given to Sneed by a confidential source, who removed parts of the missive. The Sun-Times also edited the letter for space, but Peterson's words were left largely verbatim.

They also included the disclaimer: "Although he also jokes about his time in prison, the Sun-Times is aware of the pain the Savio family has endured while waiting for justice in the murder of their loved one." Peterson's contact with the media has previously been limited by a judge. In the letter, Peterson bemoans, "Its not easy being a national pastime,'' and attacks Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow and judges presiding over the case.

Something doesn't sit right with us, though, particularly the way the letters were reprinted after already being edited by the "confidential source" that supplied the letter to Sneed. There's also something hinky in the way the letters are reprinted without any rebuttal or reaction from anyone else in the case or mentioned in the letters - particularly those Peterson attacked - in essence giving Peterson a public, one-sided forum. While jailhouse interviews aren't uncommon at all, there's at least some sort of journalistic control over the situation rather than a one-sided presentation meant to garner sympathy from the potential jury pool.