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Former Gov. Blagojevich Guilty On One Count, Jury Hung On Other Counts

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Aug 17, 2010 9:30PM

Former Governor Rod Blagojevich has been found guilty on Count 24, lying to the FBI, the only count the jury has reached a unanimous verdict on. The count is a felony and the max sentence is five years. Per the Tribune, the jury remained deadlocked on the other 23 counts against Blago, including the most important charge - racketeering - and all four counts against Rob Blagojevich.

CBS 2 is reporting that Judge Zagel intends to declare mistrial on other counts and U.S. Asst. Attorney Schar says the intention is to retry. August 26 is the date to discuss the retrial.

More updates from the courthouse after the jump.

4:48 - Robert Blagojevich addresses the press: "I have ultimate confidence in my acquittal... the most surreal experience anyone could live through."
4:49 - Robert: "I feel bad for my brother."
4:50 - Robert: "I would say the criminal justice system has flaws... I've done nothing wrong, why would I plea?"
4:52 - Robert: "I spoke honestly and truthfully and answered the questions forthrightly."
4:55 - Robert's attorney Michael Ettinger: "I expected this, I was hoping for a not-guilty ... I was concerned with making sure he got separate consideration from his brother."

5:40 - Rod Balgojevich is speaking, thanks his legal team, and the jury for their "hard work ... duty as citizens.... From the very beginning ... I did nothing wrong. This prosecute did everything he could to target me, to prosecute me, to persecute me..."
5:40 - "I did not lie to the FBI. This is persecution." Blago is pissed, cites violence in the streets and says Fitzgerald is "wasting" time and money.
5:41 - "Let me also point out, we didn't put a defense up and the government couldn't prove its case."
5:42 - Sam Adam, Jr.:"Blame me for the 24th count ... I was the one who didn't do a good enough job." Adam blustering at ABC 7's Chuck Goudie.
5:45 - A fiery Adam: "Why are we spending $25 to 30 million on a retrial that you couldn't prove the first time? ... Is this worth it?"
5:48 - Sam Adam, Sr. now addressing press, echoing his son's sentiments, attacking Patrick Fitzgerald.
5:51 - Both attorneys keep citing Fitzgerald's "crime spree" quote from Blago's arrest.
5:55 - When a report asks a question about Tony Rezko, Adam, Sr. says "Rezko? Who is that?" and walks off. Before the presser ended, Shelly Sorosky mentioned it "was a fair trial."

6:00 - U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald: "We intend to retry in the very near future ... we are in the mode of being very close to jury selection."