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GOP Talking Head Trinity - Hasselbeck, Coulter, Beck - Slammed By Suburban Anti-Gay Group

By Joseph Erbentraut in News on Aug 25, 2010 5:40PM

2010_08_25_coulter.jpg With California's Prop 8 likely en route to the Supreme Court and poll after poll revealing ever-broadening support for same-sex marriage, bordering on majority support in more states than ever, one would expect the country's most visible socially conservative talking heads would be frothing at the mouth. But, as it turns out, they're not. And one suburban Chicago group is really, really not happy about that fact.

In recent weeks, Peter LaBarbera of the Naperville-based, "SPLC-designated hate group" Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, has condemned The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, author Ann Coulter, and even Glenn Beck who have, according to LaBarbera, "abandoned conservative and Christian principles" and become "pro-gay marriage sellouts" in lending even tacit support to pro-LGBT causes.

Let's get their alleged transgressions straight: Earlier in the month, it was announced Coulter - a.k.a. "the right wing Judy Garland," apparently - would be the main attraction at Homocon, an upcoming conference for gay conservatives in New York. The news resulted in Coulter being dropped from a World Net Daily conference; she responded by saying the news site was comprised of "fake Christians." Next, in an interview with fellow Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, Beck told his colleague he didn't consider same-sex marriage to be a serious national threat to the country. How altruistic. Finally, in a recent Fancast interview, Hasselbeck reiterated her support for same-sex marriage.

"What is this, ‘Conservatives Without Principles Month'?" LaBarbera asked last week. "[Hasselbeck's statement] is yet another pathetic account of a confused 'conservative”'who abandons God’s truth, natural moral law, and common sense for the latest worldly trend: domesticated homosexuality and counterfeit 'marriage.'"

"Perhaps because it’s guaranteed to resonate so loudly within the liberal-secular media-libertarian echo chamber, selliing [sic] out on homosexuality has become the modern capitulation of choice for 'conservatives' who lack the courage to defend politically incorrect truths," LaBarbera continued.

We're guessing LaBarbera's rage with conservative pundits supporting LGBT equality has not been helped as the bills pile up from what was largely described as an unsuccessful "Truth Academy," garnering a turnout of only around 50 people to his anti-"homosexual misinformation," "pro-family" training grounds.