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More Mayoral Mullings

By Kevin Robinson in News on Sep 21, 2010 3:20PM

Photo by yooperann
The latest update on who may or may not be running for mayor comes from a series of political events and statements from local politicians. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has said that he's weighing his options when it comes to a run at City Hall. "I'm not as quick as some other people might be to (jump) out of the box and say I'm off to a new career," Dart told the Tribune. "I want to be thoughtful." Nevertheless, petitions to put Dart's name on the ballot are on the street. Dart says that he has no organized political effort to put his name on the ballot for mayor, but that supporters have asked if they could put petitions out for him. Dart spoke to about 250 supporters at a "Women for Dart" event Monday, where he also addressed questions from the press about a potential run.

Meanwhile, the Jacksons, Sandi and Jesse Jr, are making news this week for what they're not doing: Sandi's not running, and Jesse's not showing up at his own events. Sandi told reporters at a 7th Ward jobs event that she's "less inclinded" to run for mayor. “It’s not a question we take lightly,” 7th Ward Ald. Sandi Jackson told the Chicago News Cooperative. “Jesse and I want the very best for the city, first and foremost, and that may mean we’re not a candidate if we cannot generate the kinds of solutions that this city is going to require.” She clarified that "we" most likely means "he," as she's all but taken herself out of the running. Jesse was supposed to be at the event as well, but skipped it citing illness. “He had every intention of being here, but he’s sick,” Sandi told the CNC. But she also spoke forcefully about his qualifications, citing the need for the next mayor of Chicago to have a global perspective when it comes to developing the city's economy. “My husband absolutely has that kind of gravitas,” she said. “I think he is eminently qualified, should he deserve to pursue this.” Of course, Jesse may soon have more to worry about than mayoral campaigns if there's any water to this report from this morning's Sun-Times.

Meanwhile former Illinois senator and United States Ambassador to New Zealand Carol Mosley Braun announced her "almost candidacy" Monday, telling reporters that she's circulating petitions to get her name on the ballot. While her supporters are working to put her on the ballot, she told the Tribune that she will "begin a conversation with the people of Chicago about the course our city is going to take." U.S. Congressman Danny Davis, as well, is collecting signatures. “I ordered petitions on Friday, and I would expect that they will be delivered to us this afternoon, and as soon as they are delivered, we have volunteers who are eager to start gathering signatures,” he told the Tribune.

Also passing petitions are Illinois Commerce Commission Chairman Manuel Flores, U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, and state Sen. James Meeks. Oh, and many, many more.