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Gardening with Chicagoist - Harvest Time

By Anthony Todd in Food on Sep 22, 2010 4:20PM

Harvest1.jpg The Chicagoist garden plot at the Peterson Victory Garden is winding down for the fall. All of the various root vegetables are popping out of the ground, the last of the green beans are coming in and we're harvesting tomatoes left and right.

It's been an interesting season in the garden. We started out totally clueless, dealt with tomato blight and some minor planting mistakes, but thanks to the support of our fellow gardeners, we pulled through. The garden itself has grown and prospered beyond our wildest expectations, and we're already planning for next year!

Despite our inexperience, and with a minimum of effort, we have harvested a lot of excellent food. So far, we have harvested:

3 pounds of beets
3 pounds of green beans
Enough lettuce for a month of salads.
20 tomatoes
7 onions
2 pounds of radishes
1 pound of carrots
20 jalapenos

All of this from our 4'X6' plot with no experience and a lot of fun. It's true - anyone can garden! The season isn't quite over, and we've re-seeded a lot of our bed with lettuce and fast-growing kale to try to get some last fall salads. As we get it, we'll post information about gardening opportunities for next spring - come join us in the garden!