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Torche Scopes The Singles Scene

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Sep 22, 2010 3:40PM

2010_09_Torche.jpg Torche's new EP Songs For Singles isn't exactly make-out music for a first date. Well, unless your idea of making out has to do with breaking a bunch of shit in your bedroom as you and a partner fling each other violently on and off the bed in shotgun blast-worthy fits of passion.

The trio's sound is often lumped in with the stoner rock genre, but they've always kept song lengths surprisingly short, focusing on punching in, locking in, and then getting the hell out. The approach is further truncated on Songs For Singles since the majority of the tunes on this EP clock in at under two minutes, so you really never have a chance to get bored of the groove. When Torche does decide to finally stretch out though, the results are quite satisfying. They know that most of the time, for them, short and sweet really hits the spot. But when they decide to draw things out -- until your eyes start to roll back in your head and you think it just can't get any better -- then the results are also pretty memorable. Torche always seems to know just what the song needs and when it's hit its climax and it's time to pull out.

"Out Again" is an example of Torche allowing a perfect little groove to just throb along for a while longer, and it's our favorite track off the EP. If you find yourself succumbing to its advances you may want to check the group out when the play Metro next month as part of Riot Fest.

Torche "Out Again"

Torche plays October 10 at Metro