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Stroger Goes Deep in the Screw It Zone

By Kevin Robinson in News on Oct 14, 2010 2:30PM

Hmmm, maybe this is a bad idea. Nah, I won't get caught - nobody's ever going to find out!
Losing a county-wide election by a staggering margin, having one of his cronies arrested on fraud charges, these are the things that should leave a politician wondering how safe he might be in the eyes of both the public and prosecutors. But no, outgoing Cook County President Todd Stroger appears to be hellbent on making sure that people with political connections have a safe paycheck place to work.

Tommie Talley, who was recently fired from his position in Chicago's Water Department amid allegations that he dispatched city water crews to do work on a private property, started his new job with Cook County this week. Talley, who has long had ties to county commissioner (and mayoral brother) John Daley, is now a $90,000 a year administrative analyst with the county highway department.

Stroger has about two months left on his term. Here's hoping that Talley has a savings account with a high interest rate.