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NU Off-Campus Party at Draws Scrutiny

By Chuck Sudo in News on Oct 15, 2010 4:00PM

2010_10_15_NU.jpg An off-campus keg party of Northwestern Students drew the attention of Evanston police and the university's Dean of students last week when the part grew so big neighbors complained about public urination and vomiting, sexual intercourse and "hollering about blow jobs." You know, basically every college kegger ever.

The Dean of Students shared some eyewitness accounts from homeowners who witnessed the party that, while right in expressing their indignation, remind us all too well that Evanston was a hotbed of temperance in the early 20th Century.

"As we rode home past houses on Maple you could actually smell the alcohol and urine wafting from the houses, it smelled like a bar at 4 am closing and was nauseating. My wife and I shagged students out of the ally where they were urinating; we confronted students that had parked themselves on a neighbor's parkway for a little love fest. I would like to say that they were fully aware that there was an 8 year old 10 feet away, but truly this couple was ANYTHING but aware of their surroundings."

Nice use of the word "shagged" there. That probably didn't draw snickers from students reading the letter on off campus housing listservs.