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What Does Chicago Really Need to Eat?

By Anthony Todd in Food on Nov 5, 2010 4:00PM

Chicago HAS plenty of great Polish food; what do we need?
Let's get one thing straight - we love Chicago food. We hate those obnoxious blabbermouths who constantly go on and on about New York street food, Philly Cheesesteaks and New England seafood, complaining all the while that Chicago has nothing good to offer. Chicago has tons to offer. But in our more honest, slightly drunk moments, we admit to ourselves that Chicago does lack a few essential bits and pieces. Marah Eakin, writing for the Onion AV Club, has crafted a great profile identifying some of the things that are missing, including some that we hadn't considered. She calls it "whining" but we call it speaking the truth. Speak on, sister!

She calls for more Indian food south of Devon ("That street’s an absolute culinary wonderland, but it’s still really f**king far away from everything"), better doughnut options ( "it’s pretty sad when the vast majority of this city looks to Dunkin’ Donuts as its main pastry option") and, on a slightly stranger note, a "swanky ping-pong club." Go check out the rest of her list - you'll find yourself nodding in agreement.

We noted a few other things we would really like to see join the Chicago food scene. After conferring with our expert colleagues (read: other Chicagoist writers who like to bitch about food), we have a few respectful additions to the list. Chuck really wants a good bagel joint within the city limits, and Kimberly would like more inexpensive delis and corner stores. If we could gut some of the cupcake shops and replace them with quality butchers and fish shops, we probably would - though this problem is getting fixed as we speak. What do you really wish Chicago had to offer?

Photo by Swanksalot.