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The Cool Kids, Mikkey Halsted Release New Tracks

By Jon Graef in Arts & Entertainment on Nov 11, 2010 6:20PM

Photo via The Cool Kids MySpace page

With rappers like Kanye West and Rhymefest dominating headlines for reasons ranging from impromptu performances on airlines to running for Alderman it’s easy to forget that the city has a whole host of talented emcees exist in Chicago. Then again, those who drop rhymes for a living aren’t exactly bashful when it comes to releasing new music, are they? To wit, this is what Chuck Inglish of minimalist rap duo The Cool Kids said about “Big Talk,” the twosome’s new single: “It will murder your speakers.” Well, alrighty then.

So does “Big Talk,” which The Cool Kids released Wednesday night, murder your speakers with a Dexter-like aplomb? Well, no. “Big Talk” is more like slowly building sonic strangulation. Musically, it’s no different from what The Cool Kids have been doing since they emerged in 2007, extracting the most coolly hypnotic rhymes from a bare minimum of beats. If you’re down with The Cool Kids, then “Big Talk” should suffice as post-Tacklebox treat. If not, then, hey, at least your speakers got out alive. Check it “Big Talk” here.

If Chicago hip-hop fans are looking for something a little more upbeat than The Cool Kids, then they should definitely check out rapper Mikkey Halsted’s “Dope Boy City,” also released Wednesday. Over a descending, treble-y guitar sample and rapid-fire percussion, Halsted spits out double-time rhymes on a whole host of topics. Pay particular attention to the third verse, as it’s easily the best example of Halsted’s skills as a rapper. Head on over to Chi-City Hip-Hop to stream it.