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Aldermen on Alexi Mayoral Run: "He Contacted Us"

By Chuck Sudo in News on Nov 12, 2010 4:40PM

2010_11_12_mayorrahmtweet.jpg Leave it to an alderman to muddy up the waters regarding a mayoral run by Alexi Giannoulias. After reports that a group of aldermen were meeting with Giannoulias today to consider entering the campaign as an "anyone but Rahm" candidate, Alderman Richard Mell (33rd) told Chicago News Co-Op's Dan Mihalopoulos that the opposite was, instead true.

"Giannoulias contacted us. Giannoulias is contacting people." Mell also said that he would call Rahm Emanuel personally to let him know he was not involved in the effort to get Giannoulias into the race before the November 22 filing deadline.

Way to stand up to the bully there... Dick.

Speaking of the Bully, we wished that whoever was behind the Mayor Emanuel twitter feed was the Real Deal, because that person has a grasp of profanity that borders on poetry. Our thoughts on Alexi are also simpatico. While we vote for Mark Kirk, we viewed Giannoulias in the same manner as many of the other Greek kids we grew up with. instead of inheriting a diner they could run into the ground, however, Alexi got a bank.

Closeup photos of Giannoulias also show that he may have eaten too many francheezies as a kid, and this MayorEmanuel tweet also indicates they see the pock marks that don't show up in standard definition.