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Four Loko Scrambles To Stay On Shelves

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Nov 17, 2010 4:20PM

As other states across the country have banned Four Loko, City Council is ready to follow suit, and the FDA may impose a ban today that could give the alcoholic energy drink a very short life, the Chicago-based producers of the drink are engaging in damage control mode.

Phusion Projects LLC said that they're removing the caffeine from Four Loko and its other energy drinks as a way to keep the ban from happening. That's nice and all. Even so, Four Loko is still a "candy-flavored malt beverage." The primary reason the bans are being pursued is because these drinks are alleged to entice kids to drink them; get rid of the speed aspect of these eightballs in cans and you still have a sickly sweet alcoholic beverage packaged in cans that can still be mistaken for energy drinks.

If the FDA continues with the ban and you wind up jonesing for Four Loko, you can still make your own at home. But why would you?