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Silly Us, We Thought the Mado Saga Was Over

By Anthony Todd in Food on Dec 9, 2010 3:40PM

MadoPigboard - Gone.JPG Remember when we detailed the recent saga of our former love, Mado? We thought it couldn't get any more complicated, and we were excited to settle back and try the new menu. According to Eater Chicago, it was not meant to be. It looks like the saga may end with Mado finally closing for good. Amazing - from a New York Times-lauded popular restaurant to total destruction in less than 3 months.

The new chef, Brandon Baltzley, returned from an illness to be told by the owner to fire the entire restaurant, including the dishwashers, and run the place with just one sous-chef, a tall order for any restaurant. Baltzley claims that the restaurant was profitable, even after the changeover, and the stinginess was just . . . stinginess. The owner, David Richards, just opened a new restaurant in Wilmette which is said to be occupying his attention and his dollars.

Baltzley and his crew walked out on the spot. He also told Eater that purveyors were refusing to deliver supplies because of unpaid bills. This is telling, since pre-fiasco Mado was quite popular. If the restaurant has been profitable since the changeover, shenanigans of one sort or another are the likely reason for unpaid bills. If Mado cannot find another chef (and good luck, with this reputation) the restaurant will have to close for good.