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Former College Dean Threatened Students Via E-Mail, Hacked Into System

By Chuck Sudo in News on Dec 10, 2010 8:20PM

2010_12_10_wilcox.jpg A former dean of Kaplan University is accused of hacking into the school's e-mail system and firing off a series of threatening e-mails to students and faculty that reached such a level of vitriol that university official at one point hired security officials to guard their homes and offices after receiving them.

Bennie Wilcox is accused of sending the e-mails shortly after he was fired from his position as dean of the school. Wilcox has accused Kaplan administrators of widespread misconduct. Wilcox allegedly begans sending out e-mails with the subject heading "YOU ARE FUCKED!" and writing:

“Your schools (sic) Web site has been Hacked!” the e-mail threatened. “All of your personal information . . . will now be used to ruin your credit, take out credit cards in your name and pay for on-line gambling.”

Wilcox is purported to have signed the e-mails using his title as dean, from a co-worker's e-mail account Wilcox hacked into. Wilcox testified during his recent two-week trial that he was paid threatened with harm by "a blue-eyed, gray-haired goon" for blowing the whistle on Kaplan's alleged misconduct.

This is some serious shit that not even a Sue Sylvester or Dean Wormer would get caught in. But maybe you get what you pay for when you go to Kaplan University.