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Tribune Shows Its Cheeky Side With Rex Ryan Foot Fetish Story

By Chuck Sudo in News on Dec 23, 2010 5:20PM

2010_12_23_Biggs_fetish.jpg "If at first you don't succeed..." The Tribune seems to be trying again after all the grief they received for their much-maligned "Chrissy Pronger" photoshop work during the Stanley Cup Finals. Today's Tribune features a short report by Brad Biggs about the hoopla around foot fetish videos allegedly featuring the wife of New York Jets coach Rex Ryan. Take a look at how the Tribune laid out the story. That ain't no baby footprint.

Subtlety isn't the strong suit of this layout. Besides, this is a foot fetish. As a society, America is still fairly prudish about sex, and on most lists of kinks, this ranks pretty low. It isn't Brett Favre sending cock shots to Jenn Sterger. And we don't remember the Trib laying out reports of that in the shape of Favre's dangling participle.

The Michelle Ryan foot fetish story is gaining traction now because, well, Deadspin found the videos and, on a more local level, Rex Ryan's Jets come to Soldier Field to face the Bears Sunday. Again, if at first you don't succeed...