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Slim Down with Tasty Vegan Dishes

By Minna A in Food on Dec 30, 2010 7:30PM

After some heavy-duty, overindulgent holiday meals, some of are worried about fitting into those flashy NYE threads. For the foodies in all of us, detox diets simply won’t do and compromising on bland tastes are out of the question. Find a better solution with the delicious Loving Hut, which offers a wide variety of Asian dishes that are both organic and vegan friendly.

Loving Hut, located in Edgewater, may seem intimidating at first with cultish posters declaring which of your favorite celebs are vegans hung next to signs declaring, "Go Green! Save the Earth!" Alongside the signs, Supreme Master TV, a worldwide vegan TV network, advocates for the vegan way. But the brightly colored interior and friendly waitstaff will help ease you in to the delightful vegan meal that awaits.

While many vegetarians desperately hope for something to satisfy them, a veggie burger or veggie dog if they are lucky, the Loving Hut menu showcases a diverse selection featuring Asian themed dishes with the main ingredient in many being texturized vegan protein (TVP), which feels and tastes similarly close to tofu but with a tougher, meatier bite.

For former meat-eating converts, the Loving Hut provides those Asian dishes you crave without compromising on flavors or textures. You'll find vegan alternatives for pho, thai curry, kung pao and teriyaki. Particularly good is the Almond Joy, a dish of almonds and veggies highlighted by soy glazed, deep-fried TVP. While it may not be a first choice for meat-loving Chicagoans, this Loving Hut dish is a close alternative with healthier and less caloric attributes.

Wallet feeling a little light as well? An average meal at the Loving Hut costs less than $10 with a "Ham" Sammie for just 99 cents.

The Loving Hut is located on 5812 N. Broadway.