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Trib: Flash Mobs Are the Ginchiest, Must Be Protected!

By JoshMogerman in Miscellaneous on Jan 1, 2011 10:00PM

Flash mob protesting BP oil spill [photo by Jim Kopeny]
The Trib’s editorial board stepped away from the weightier issues of the day to profess their love of flash mobs. Yup, that wacky fad of freezing or performing for the cameras that swept the nation…quite some time ago… As the Trib sees it, “They're delightful, for now.”

But the Ed Board worries that danger is afoot for this fantastic addition to our culture, threatening it’s very existence. Those fresh-faced kids and choral groups in the YouTube videos are being co-opted by people trying to make statements---like the folks protesting the BP oil spill in Millennium Park this summer. Dang it folks, keep your agendas to yourselves so we can preserve this thing. Or keep it up, because an editorial like this probably means the flash mob 15 minutes are just about up…