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Moseley Braun: "I Don't Want To" Release Tax Records

By Chuck Sudo in News on Jan 3, 2011 8:20PM

How does a mayoral candidate make yet another press conference about how he would overturn the parking meter lease deal if elected more sensational. If that candidate is Carol Moseley Braun, you announce at the end of the conference that you won't be releasing your tax returns prior to next month's election.

When pressed to answer why she wouldn't be releasing her tax returns, Braun said matter of factly, "Because I don't want to." Well, then. Braun did draw a line in the sand, saying that if she makes it to a runoff election, she'll release the returns then. When you're running third of fourth in the polls, it's nice to think positive. Unity, strength and all that jazz. Both Rahm Emanuel and Gery Chico have released their tax returns, with Chico's in particular showing that he would have to take a drastic pay cut if elected. And Braun is within her rights to say she doesn't want to release her returns, but it only raises more questions about where her income comes from.

As for what Braun would do to overturn the parking meter lease, since the city signed away its rights to them, she had a direct approach. "You sue them all," she said. You think Danny Davis and James Meeks are saying to themselves, "I stepped aside for this?" right now?