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New Starbucks Logo Removes "Coffee"

By Anthony Todd in Food on Jan 6, 2011 4:20PM

StarbucksLogo.jpg First Pepsi, now Starbucks - a new year, a new logo. Starbucks, the Seattle based coffee giant that secretly controls our lives from an underground coffee vault buried in the Cascade mountains, has reworked its logo yet again. There is no longer any mention of coffee in the logo, because who would ever expect Starbucks to be limited to just coffee? According to a statement that the CEO gave to the Seattle Weekly, this marks Starbucks' diversification - now they can sell whatever they want, which apparently they couldn't while their logo mentioned coffee. We can see the confusion: a patron walks into a Starbucks, sees a breakfast sandwich and freaks out, screaming for coffee and only coffee. Never again.

Our favorite comment on the change came from the witty and wonderful Michael Gebert, of Sky Full of Bacon. In a series of tweets, he laid out the future history of the Starbucks Brand:

1) Slightly alter current logo, issue press release calling it big change.

2) Take what you actually do off the logo, because "we're so much more than just coffee."

3) In two years undo #1 and #2 because taking eye off the ball of coffee has seriously hurt market share; "time to stress our heritage."

We'll see. If he's right, we'll buy him a cup of coffee.