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Starbucks Offers Super Big Gulp...Umm, "Trenta"

By Anthony Todd in Food on Jan 18, 2011 4:20PM

Graphic via National Post
Last week, Stephen Colbert flipped his lid when it was revealed that 7-11 was downsizing the Super Big Gulp from 44 to 40 ounces. Apparently, someone at Starbucks was listening. Yesterday, the coffee behemoth announced that it was rolling out a new size, the 31 ounce "Trenta." This hasn't been a great month for the marketing team at Starbucks. This important contribution to America's obesity epidemic, following on the heels of last week's roundly-mocked logo change, hasn't done much to burnish the coffee chain's hip image.

Maybe the product designers at Starbucks should read our post on how much caffeine it takes to kill a person - a couple of "Trenta" iced coffees might be coming close to that line. The size will only be available for cold beverages, and it will be available at all Starbucks locations by May 3rd. Just to give you a sense of how big this thing is, it is the equivalent volume of three cans of soda. The geniuses at the National Post pointed out that the normal volume of the human stomach is only 900 ml, while the Trenta is 916 ml. Drink slowly.