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Emandy Rahmberg: Comedy-Politics Combine at CTA Stop

By JoshMogerman in News on Jan 22, 2011 9:00PM

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Everything’s coming up roses for Rahm this week. He poured on the star power with a President, pop star and comedian all stumping for his campaign, he avoided tough questions from Chicago environmentalists at yet another skipped forum, some polls say he can win the February election straight up, and he has an insurmountable fundraising lead.

And his gigantic war chest is clearly on display this morning. NBC5’s video of the candidate and his infinitely more entertaining Saturday Night Live imitator Andy Samberg at the Merchandise Mart El stop kicks off with a paid Chicago for Rahm Emanuel commercial. The Chicago Sun-Times’ more jankety video also seems to have the same lead-in, though we’ve had a hard time getting it to load so it may have been a one-time thing (come on CST, get it together…). If St. Miguel, Chico and CSM want to get back into the race, they better tap the Hollywood uber-agents in their own families to get cracking on the fundraising tip because a who’s who of the entertainment industry is currently funding this race. And Samberg was in town to MC yet another Emanuel event.

We hate to jump on the Rahm-hype express, but with Samberg throwing out doozies like this, we just can’t look away:

“Did Rahm send you a dead fish to get you to do this?” a reporter asked. “No,” Samberg said. “I did wake up with a horse’s head this morning. But that’s not because of Rahm. I’m just into some weird stuff.”
If Emanuel does win the race, we hope these two stay connected at the hip, or even fuse into a Brundlefly of heightened policy-comedy acumen. After all, fixing this town's budget woes won't leave us much to laugh about for years to come---so maybe Mayor Emandy Rahmberg could keep things light even as it looks fiscally dark...