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Quinn on Christie New Jersey Ads: "We Don't Need Advice From That Guy"

By Chuck Sudo in News on Jan 26, 2011 2:20PM

Sure, a lot of people and businesses are cheesed about the state income tax hike. But, as Kevin pointed out last week, it was the necessary thing to do. But that isn't stopping other states from using the income tax hike to lure businesses to their states. We know Wisconsin has dangled a carrot to Illinois businesses, offering two years of no taxes to pull up stakes for America's Dairyland. Now, here comes New Jersey Governor Chris Christie — the one state in a worse financial situation than Illinois — with an ad campaign intended to lure Illinois businesses to the Garden State.

In the ads, running in major Illinois markets and newspapers, Christie reiterates his promise not to raise taxes and a promise to personally reach out to Illinois businesses to persuade them to move to New Jersey. Wonder if Christie already reached out to this cheesedick?

Quinn responded to the ad campaign by reminding us of New Jersey's own Gordian Knot of a budget deficit, the scores of teacher and other state workers he's laid off, while touting Illinois' slowly recovering unemployment rate and New Jersey's tepid business climate.

“I don’t know why anybody would listen to him,” Quinn said of Christie. “New Jersey’s way of balancing the budget is not to pay their pension payment, not to deliver on property tax relief that was promised, to fire teachers, to take an infrastructure project — building a tunnel that had already been started — and end it and have to pay money back to the federal government. I don’t need that kind of advice from that guy.”

Quinn continued by saying, “We don’t need some guy from Jersey to tell us how to do things in the land of Lincoln.”