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Governor Christie Coming To Illinois To Take Our Jerbs

By Karl Klockars in News on Jan 27, 2011 2:00PM

If you're enjoying the fact that Illinois has become the nation's 95-pound weakling for other Charles Atlas-like Governors to kick sand in our face while attempting to steal our jerbs, you'll love this. New Jersey governor Chris Christie, he of the ads that make the case for businesses to move to his state and that we've been picking apart in the comments since yesterday, will be heading to our fair state soon to plead his case in person. is reporting that Christie plans on swinging through next week to exhibit the charm and grace that has made him the shining star of the F-the-unions set. He'll be going hat-in-hand to CEOs and executive boards around town to sell them on the idea of uprooting their entire structure and incur all the costs necessary to move their businesses to the Garden State. So maybe someone could ask him to explain why his state is nearly the worst in the country [.pdf] when it comes to business tax climate? (That's the statistic Pat Quinn cited when he sounded off against Christie's ad campaign yesterday.)

Assuming this whirlwind tour is taxpayer-funded, when you include travel, hotels, labor of state workers (because you know he's not flying in solo) and other expenditures, just how many jobs would Christie need to steal away just to break even on this trip? Another factor to consider is that Christie's name keeps coming up when the 2012 election discussion rears its head despite his swearing off of a run. All things considered, if we were a Jersey taxpayer, we wouldn't be too thrilled about the prospect of footing the bill for this particular PR excursion.

(H/T to CapFax crowd sorcery.)