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Kirk Flip Flops on Climate Change, Blames Al Gore's Personal Life

By Kevin Robinson in News on Feb 3, 2011 2:30PM

Climate change is no problem with a fluffy dog like the one in Mark Kirk's arms, in this photo via ALA Washington Office.
Apparently the recent separation of Al and Tipper Gore was what led Senator Mark Kirk to oppose climate change legislation, and not political or economic considerations. Kirk told the New York Times that his rationale for not supporting climate change legislation in Illinois is the result of Al Gores' personal life, not as a result of political or economic factors. "The consensus behind the climate change bill collapsed and then further deteriorated with the personal and political collapse of Vice President [Al] Gore," Kirk said in what was described as a "brief interview."

In 2009 Kirk voted for cap-and-trade climate change legislation when he was a congressman. He then backtracked, saying that opponents of the bill sent him "a stronger reaction than I've ever seen before." He then said he only supported the bill to satisfy the "narrow interests" of his congressional district, but wouldn't support the bill in the Senate.