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Is Graham Elliot Making Sake? We Don't Think So...

By Anthony Todd in Food on Feb 4, 2011 7:20PM

G Joy 375ml.jpeg
We were tipped off to this sake by a reader, who claims to have done a double take when he saw it at a sushi restaurant in Sacramento. Since we haven't heard of Graham Elliot making a sake (and believe me, if Graham Elliot does anything, everyone hears about it) this "g-joy" brand sake must be an unfortunate coincidence. The name "g-joy" is almost too good to be true - Caitlin has g-joy every time she thinks about eating at Graham Elliot! If Elliot hasn't already trademarked/patented/copyrighted his signature lowercase "g" he should get shaking - otherwise copycats will start popping up everywhere! What else could we put that g on?

  • A line of signature hats.

  • A tie-in with GE lightbulbs.

  • Golden Graham Elliot Cereal, each with a little g.

  • Honey Baked Graham, with the g burned into the side.

  • A series of eyeglasses, with a tiny g in rhinestones in the corner.

  • An iPhone app called the "Grahamera" that takes everyday food and attaches a price tag to it ten times more than one would expect.

  • A tour with Wilco?

Any great ideas? Put them in the comments!