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Yay! Glee is Coming To Chicago!

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Feb 8, 2011 6:40PM

2011_02_glee.jpg We can't blame FOX entirely for the sad state of the music industry but they deserve some of the credit. First they chipped away at the lower levels of taste through endless seasons of American Idol with steadily decreasing returns on actual displays of talent. Then they went and launched their paean to mediocrity and a new low in the quest of industry to strip what little soul is left grasping onto art in the hit series Glee.

Setting aside the fact that a show ostensibly directed towards folks that felt sidelined and marginalized in high school (read: all of us) seems to lack any respect for the intelligence of its target audience, the thing that really gets our goat is that their abominations parading as covers of popular music hits have surpassed The Beatles for "most appearances among non-solo acts" on the Billboard chart. And this isn't about "young upstarts" taking down the "establishment." Nay, this is about "corporate backed hacks" shilling and shoving their soul-crushing and poisonously saccharine wares down the throats of (an undeniably if confoundingly willing) public. But hey, it's popular and the kids like it, so let's take the show on the road!

We were understandably excited when the Glee cast toured behind their aural diseases popular covers last year, and we are no less infuriated stoked to see that they're coming back to Chicago to play Allstate Arena on June 3. ZOMG! The excitement! Get all your ticketing info here, if you insist on attending.