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Here We Go Again: WalMart in Lakeview Speculation Begins Anew

By Chuck Sudo in News on Feb 17, 2011 8:48PM

Looks like Borders closing most of their stores in Chicago is fueling speculation that Walmart may be eyeing those spaces in their plan to open 24 stores in the city. Bruce Beal, who organized one of many opposition groups the last time WalMart was looking at a Lakeview location, says he has a "reliable source" that the retail giant is now targeting the soon-to-shutter Borders in Lakeview, just steps down from the proposed store that was supposed to go into the old Petsmart. We contacted Beal via Facebook to see if he would divulge any more information regarding the source. Beal replied that he needed to do more footwork to conifrm his source's claim that WalMart has renewed its interest in opening a Lakeview store.

A WalMart spokesperson gave CBS2 the company line that they have "hundreds of conversations across the city” regarding opening new stores in Chicago. Beal took to his "Stop the Lakeview Walmart" Facebook page to ask the media "to please stop accepting Walmart's non-denials as answers. If Walmart reps are asked if the company is looking at a particular site, Walmart reps responding 'we are looking at 100s of sites' is not an answer to the question asked. We, meaning everyone in Chicago, deserve a straight answer."