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New at Jewel: No Double Bagging, No "Paper or Plastic"

By Chuck Sudo in News on Mar 28, 2011 4:35PM

jewel-osco.gif In a cost-cutting measure the say will save them $4 to $6 million annually, Jewel-Osco baggers are being trained to refrain from double bagging groceries and not offer the option of bagging with paper or plastic bags. Jewel-Osco's parent company, Supervalu, has endured nearly three years of falling revenues as cost-conscious shoppers are stretching their dollars at discount supermarkets and feel that every unused 2-cent bag left at the counter means less ordering for replenishments.

Really, Supervalu? You switch to the self-checkouts that never work properly and are staffed by surly cashiers who either look at the machines as their replacements, if they weren't already surly having to deal with a steaming mass of humanity who needs to be rung up right now, only to write a check for their five-dollar purchase (with $50 back in cash). Your produce is often mealy and ready to expire. Your aisles are narrow and cramped. Customer service at some stores already seems optional. And you think only going to single bagging will turn the tide? We'll pay the extra money and go to a grocery that understands customer service isn't just a stat on the bottom line, thank you. And we're pretty certain a few customers who are cursing you when the single bags break and damage their groceries will be following our lead.